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Epic Family Road Trip

We are a family of 5 who sold everything except our Jeeps to drive around the World guided by our core values that had helped us find success in business and in life -  WORK, PLAY, CARE.

For us CARE means to “Create A Remarkable Experience” and we do this by leaving the people we meet and the places we visit a little better than we found them.

We've enjoyed amazing experiences so far like helping rescue 120 Pilot Whales that were stranded on a remote beach in New Zealand, bringing solar lights to a remote village in Haiti and planting rice with the locals in Indonesia. We’ve road tripped around Canada and the USA several times, visiting every state and province hiking and having fun together while taking every opportunity to share the message of CARE.

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Primal Outdoors

My name is Jason Darrah and I am an outdoor videographer and photographer living in Central Oregon. I spend nearly all my time recreating in the thousands of square miles of wilderness, national forests, BLM and state trust lands that we are fortunate to have here in Oregon. My two dogs and I explore the outdoors in my trusty 'ol Ford truck or van searching for beautiful landscape photo opportunities.

I enjoy capturing my adventures in a fun and inspiring way, and hope that my videos and pictures will excite you about creating your own adventures in the outdoors.  

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SwellRunner Overland

Swellrunner Overland

I didn't grow up camping.  My first camping trip was in college, actually with a dive class, interestingly enough.  I didn't grow up driving trucks or 4wd vehicles, and wasn't really interested in them OR offroad exploration when I was a kid.  But something clicked over in my late 30's - perhaps an early mid-life crisis?  What I found was that I really loved spending time outdoors, driving offroad, exploring backcountry, traveling to places most don't even know exist, and sharing it with my kids.  My wife's not super interested, but she's very supportive in letting me get out and show the kids a different perspective of nature. We love seeing new things, going new places, and finding a little technical terrain along the way.  Oh and I like to take pictures and video. 

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Lifestyle Overland

We are Kevin, Sarah, and Caroline a small family who has been pursing the overland lifestyle since 2013 when we fell in love with the New Mexico wilderness. Our passion for travel has led us to the edges of the arctic ocean and back again as we explore North America and beyond.

Our goal is to inspire others to take a step outside the ordinary and experience life in the great outdoors. Our greatest hope is that families and individuals alike will find perspective, peace, and passion while exploring and preserving this incredible land.

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